How to cook Canned Oysters: 17 best recipes

Learn how to cook canned oysters with this collection of 17 amazing recipes. From breakfast to dinner, there is a recipe that is sure to become a new favorite. So feel free to stock up on this unique pantry item.

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Canned Oysters Recipes

I love fresh oysters. Give me a plate of raw oysters on the half shell and I’m in heaven. But until recently, I had no idea you could buy them in a can. It got my mind turning. What is the best way to eat canned oysters?

Canned oysters are very flavorful and full of important nutrients. They make a tasty occasional snack and are great for stocking up in your pantry.

Canned Oyster FAQ

Do canned oysters need to be cooked?

Nope, they are already cooked and can be eaten straight from the can.

How long do canned oysters keep?

Unopened canned can be kept for 3-5 years!

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Each recipe idea will tell you:

If this is your first time visiting the site, you’ll know that I’m up for the challenge to help you find your favorite way to use canned meat. Each of these delicious oyster recipes will give you some information, so you can make the best choice for your family.

  • Type of recipe
  • Number of ingredients
  • How many oysters you will need
  • The complexity of ingredients (aka, whether or not you might need to hit the grocery store first)
  • How long it takes to prepare (including cook time)
  • Special diet (Keto, Gluten-free, etc)

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How to cook canned oysters

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Ingredients that work well with a can of oysters

These ingredients will pop up in a lot of the recipes below. So if you have them on hand, you will be able to find more ideas to make.

  • lemon
  • fresh garlic
  • cream cheese
  • eggs
  • cocktail sauce
  • white wine

What to do with canned oysters

Our goal is to help you find dishes using the ingredients you already have in your pantry.

Each of these oyster recipes will give you some important details so that you can pick the best idea for your family.

Check out the blogger that published each dish to use their tips and recipe.

Note: pantry ingredients include dry ingredient pantry staples like olive oil, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, corn starch, salt, black pepper, spices, etc.

Please check the recipe to make sure that you have the ingredients needed to create the dish. If you are making gluten-free recipes, it may include things like almond flour and other common gluten-free pantry items

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