What to make with ground lamb: 27 recipes plus valuable storage info

Learn what to make with ground lamb with this collection of 27 amazing recipes. Choose a dish for breakfast, dinner, or a fun appetizer. There are lots of great lamb ideas to try. Plus we’ll go over important storage information too.

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Ground Lamb Recipes

Ground lamb is a wonderful protein that is an earthy and bold flavor. It pairs well with stronger spices like cumin and chili flakes.

Lamb is a great alternative to hamburger meat. It is more flavorful and lean than beef; however, it is a bit more expensive, so you want to make sure to use it up and not let it go to waste.

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Common questions

Can you freeze cooked lamb?

Absolutely! Lamb can be stored in the freezer or the refrigerator.

Let the meat cool completely. Then wrap it in foil or plastic wrap, this will prevent freezer burn. Place the wrapped meat into a freezer-safe bag or container.

How long can you freeze lamb?

If stored properly, the lamb will last up to two months in the freezer.

How long can you store cooked lamb in the fridge?

Lamb will last in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Other recipe ideas you may enjoy!

Each of these lamb recipes will tell you:

  • Type of recipe
  • Number of ingredients
  • How much lamb you will need.
  • The complexity of ingredients (aka, whether or not you might need to hit the grocery store first)
  • How long it takes to prepare (including cook time)
  • Special diet (Keto, Gluten-free, etc)
  • Equipment needed. (Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, etc.)

What to make ground lamb

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Ingredients that work well with lamb

These ingredients will pop up in a lot of the recipes below. So if you have them on hand, you will be able to find more ideas to make.

  • cumin
  • fennel
  • chili powder
  • red pepper flake
  • fresh mint and other fresh herbs
  • fresh tomatoes and tomato paste
  • pine nuts
  • soy sauce
  • worcestershire sauce
  • bell pepper
  • sweet potato
  • pita bread
  • brown or basmati rice
  • sour cream
  • greek yogurt
  • tzatziki sauce

What to do with ground lamb

Our goal is to help people find recipes for the food they already have.

Each of these ground lamb dishes will give you some key info so that you can pick the idea that works for your family.

Check out the bloggers that published each recipe to use their tips and get the full information.

Note: pantry ingredients include dry ingredient pantry staples like olive oil, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, corn starch, salt, black pepper, spices, etc. Please check the recipe to make sure that you have the ingredients needed to create the dish. If you are making gluten-free recipes, it may include things like almond flour and other common gluten-free pantry items

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