What to do with Leftover Frosting: 17 easy recipes and tips

Learn what to do with leftover frosting using this collection of 17 amazing recipes. There is more to do with icing than just adding it to a cake. Choose an appetizer or dessert for a new idea. Don’t let all the hard work of whipping up frosting go to waste. And don’t leave money on the table with half a tub of store-bought! Check out these amazing storage tips and then turn your leftovers into a new family favorite.

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Leftover Frosting Recipes

What is cake without frosting? Blah. And can you serve cupcakes plain? Absolutely not! But what do you do with your leftover frosting?

You could just spread it over sugar cookies or decorate another batch of cupcakes. But this collection of recipes will take that delicious icing and turn it into something new.

Some of the recipes in this collection mention using a tub of store-bought frosting. But don’t worry, we made sure that these recipes easily sub it your extra frosting.

We also searched for several types of frosting. This list features buttercream frosting, leftover cream cheese frosting, chocolate buttercream, and more. Feel free to sub whenever it’s possible.

So next time you whip up a big bowl of frosting for your layer cake, make it a double batch and create a whole new dessert. Instead of just thinking you can only use the extras to make graham cracker sandwiches.

If you’re looking for an amazing recipe, check out this delicious homemade frosting.

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How to store leftover frosting

How long will frosting last out of the fridge?

Up to 3 days.

Does leftover frosting need to be refrigerated?

Yes! If you are not going to use it within 3 days. Make sure to store it in an airtight container and bring it to room temperature before you try and spread it again. It should last another week in the fridge.

How do you store frosting in the freezer?

Place your frosting in a freezer-safe bag and make sure to squeeze out any extra air. It should last up to 3 months.

Bonus, you can use the freezer bag as a piping bag once you defrost it!

Other recipe ideas you may enjoy!

Each of these leftovers ideas will tell you:

  • Type of recipe
  • Number of ingredients
  • How much frosting you will need and what type. (if the recipe specifies)
  • The complexity of ingredients (aka, whether or not you might need to hit the grocery store first)
  • How long it takes to prepare (including cook time)
  • Special diet (Keto, Gluten-free, etc)
  • Equipment needed. (Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, etc.)

What to do with leftover frosting

If you’re currently storing some leftovers, don’t stress! Pin this to your favorite recipe board and it will be ready when you are! 

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Ingredients that work well with extra frosting

These ingredients will pop up in a lot of the recipes below. So if you have them on hand, you will be able to find more ideas to make.

  • fresh fruit
  • leftover cake scraps
  • graham crackers
  • vanilla wafers
  • chocolate chips

What to do with leftover icing

Our goal is to help you find recipes with the food you already have in your pantry.

Each of these frosting ideas will give you some important information so that you can pick the best dish for your needs.

Check out the blogger that published each recipe to use their tips and get the full ingredient list.

Note: pantry ingredients include dry ingredient pantry staples like olive oil, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, corn starch, salt, black pepper, spices, etc.

Please check the recipe to make sure that you have the ingredients needed to create the dish. If you are making gluten-free recipes, it may include things like almond flour and other common gluten-free pantry items

Which new recipe are you looking forward to trying first?

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