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chicken and broccoli. Text reads "14 chicken & broccoli recipes"

What to cook with chicken and broccoli: 14 easy recipes

Looking for what to cook with chicken and broccoli that take no time at all to make? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered up 12 of the best tasting recipes that you’re certain to love. All have the lean protein of chicken and the tasty flavor of broccoli and other fun flavors that you’re going to love to try.

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What to make with broccoli: 25 tasty broccoli recipes to make tonight

Trying to determine what to make with broccoli? If you’re looking for simple broccoli recipes that will get you back in the veggie game, you’re going to love these great options. From casseroles to steamed side dishes, there is literally something here for everyone to enjoy. And who knows, you just might even find a recipe or two that the kids are going to like as well!