What to cook with chicken and broccoli: 14 easy recipes

Looking for what to cook with chicken and broccoli that take no time at all to make? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered up 14 of the best tasting recipes that you’re certain to love. All have the lean protein of chicken and the tasty flavor of broccoli and other fun flavors that you’re going to love to try.

Everyone in the family will be asking for seconds when it comes to these tasty dinner recipes.

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What to cook with chicken and broccoli

The great part about using chicken in your recipes is that it’s really versatile and a simple protein to cook up. You can literally bake it, roast it, air fry it, throw it in your crockpot, add it to your instant pot, grill it, smoke it, and more.

And any recipe that calls for meat can almost always be substituted to use chicken instead. With it being a healthier option with less fat, it’s a great meat to keep you on track for eating healthier, too.

This collection of chicken recipes, combines it with the super versatile veggie, broccoli. Something about these two ingredients just screams comfort food.

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Easy dinner recipes

If you’re currently standing in line at the grocery store looking at these tasty chicken recipes, don’t stress! Pin this to your favorite recipe board and it will be ready when you are! 

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Recipes for combining broccoli and chicken

You’re going to have to add all of these simple dinner recipes to your meal plan because it’s going to be so hard to choose which one you want to start with!

Delicious Chicken and Broccoli Recipes

You're going to love the taste and flavors of these Delicious Chicken and Broccoli Recipes.

There are so many great tastes and flavors that you have to try them all!

Out of all of them on the list, what chicken and broccoli recipe are you going to make first?

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Several images of chicken and broccoli recipes.

Still trying to figure out what to make for dinner?

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