What can you cook with lavender

Wondering what you can cook with lavender? This collection of lavender recipes are both beautiful and delicious. Perfect for a tea party, wedding shower, or date night.

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What can you cook with lavender?

Lavender is actually an herb that is in the mint family. Its relatives include rosemary, sage, and thyme.

Recipes with lavender have a light floral flavor and can be used in all sorts of dishes. From appetizers to desserts.

Plus, the purple color makes the food look lovely. This makes it perfect for parties like baby showers, wedding showers, and tea parties.

How to cook with lavender

Every part of the lavender plant can be used for cooking; that includes the buds, stems, and leaves.

The flowers and leaves can be used fresh. Buds and stems should be dried, which intensifies the flavor.

When cooking with lavender, start small and add more. If you add too much, it can become overpowering and bitter.

Because lavender is similar to rosemary, it is a pretty good rule of thumb that it can be subbed for rosemary. This includes adding lavender to everything from bread to stews.

The purple color of lavender makes it perfect for garnishing desserts, salads, and more.

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Recipes using lavender

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Recipes with lavender

These recipes are not just beautiful. The light floral flavor makes them romantically delicious.

Lavender Recipes

Can you cook with lavender? Sure! Check out these delicious and beautiful recipes that use parts of the lavender plant.

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