What to make with hot dogs: 21 creative hot dog dishes

Trying to break away from the boring bun? Learn what to make with hot dogs with this collection of quick and easy hot dog recipes.

Wondering what to make with hot dogs? Check out these 21 easy hot dog recipes.

What to make with hot dogs

My kids adore hot dogs. And while I love a good Chicago dog, I can only handle the basic dog in bun meal so often.

So we searched the internet to find other things to cook with hot dogs. We wanted recipes that were easy, unique, and fun. And anything that our kids will approve of is another win.

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Meals made with hot dogs

If you’re currently standing in line at the grocery store trying to decide what meals to make with hot dogs, don’t stress! Pin this to your favorite recipe board and it will be ready when you are!

21 recipes for what to make with hot dogs

Dinners to make with hot dogs

These recipes using hot dogs are perfect for your next weeknight family dinner.

What to make with hot dogs

These scrumptious meals made with hot dogs will have you skipping the buns and trying something new!

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simple hot dog recipes for dinner

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