What to cook in a Ninja Foodi: 20 delicious recipes

Trying to figure out what to cook in a Ninja Foodi? Check out this collection of 20 delicious recipes for our favorite kitchen appliance.

Image of a Ninja Foodi. Text reads "20 Ninja Foodi Recipes"

What to cook in a Ninja Foodi

Are you looking for recipes to make in your Ninja Foodi? If so, you’re in luck. These 20 easy recipes are a wide variety from chicken to ribs to even hard-boiled eggs! When your Ninja Foodi does all the work for you, you know it’s going to be one of the best dinners yet!

Sometimes we overthink the recipes or meals that we want to make and forget that we have the capability to let machines and appliances take over and do the cooking for us.

Isn’t this a wonderful world that we live in?

The great part about having a wide variety of Ninja Foodi recipes to use is that it gives you options for all occasions. Parties, weekend dinners or quick weeknight meals when you have nothing else planned are all things that require effort that sometimes you just don’t have.

This is where the Ninja Foodi can be a big help in creating tasty dishes with little to no effort!

You’re going to love having these recipes handy for whenever you need them so buckle up and prepare to create your very own Ninja Foodi cookbook full of awesome recipes!

This page contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using the link, I could receive a commission check out all the details here.

Ninja Foodi recipes

Just pick out a couple of recipes to get started on and you’re going to have a blast putting them together and prepping them! Then, when you’re ready to cook, your cooking partner (AKA Ninja Foodi) will be able to take over and do the rest.

Collage image of several foods cooked in a Ninja Foodi. Text reads "20 amazing recipes for your Ninja Foodi"

What to make in a Ninja Foodi

You and your family are going to love these recipes!

Recipes to Make in Your Ninja Foodi

Here are some simple recipes to make in your Ninja Foodi!

Pin these dinner ideas

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3 images of foods cooked in a Ninja Foodi. Text reads "All-time favorite Ninja Foodi recipes"

Still trying to figure out what to make for dinner?

Check out these other recipes. We’re sure that you’ll find something delicious!

Trying to break away from the boring bun? Learn what to make with hot dogs with this collection of quick and easy hot dog recipes.

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