What to Cook with Chicken Breast: 18 Delicious Recipes

Wondering what to cook with chicken breast? We’ve got you covered! These recipes will put a spin on your tired weekly dinner rotation.

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18 Delicious Recipes Using Chicken Breast

Cooking with chicken breast is really quite simple! It’s such an easy protein that takes on a wide range of taste and flavor. The great part about creating meals using breast meat is that there are so many recipes out there to choose from.

Take a peek at the simple chicken recipes below and find a few that you know you’re family is going to love.

Depending on who you ask, people love all different cuts and types of chicken meat. But for these recipes, chicken breast is the star of the show. You’ll never have to wonder what to make with boneless chicken breast ever again.

Not only do these chicken breast recipes offer a unique taste and look but you can easily whip them up to satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your family.

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What to make with boneless chicken breast

If you’re currently standing in line at the grocery store looking up easy chicken recipes, don’t stress! Pin this to your favorite recipe board and it will be ready when you are!

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Boneless chicken breast recipes

Long gone are the days when you have to eat simple and baked chicken. Recipes can make chicken breasts easily taste a variety of different ways.

Check out the simple recipes using chicken breast below!

18 Recipes Using Chicken Breast

Don't discredit dinner just yet. Check out these recipes using chicken breasts.

See how fun these recipes are? There are so many great options here that you won’t have any trouble choosing. And who says you can’t just meal plan ahead and make them all?

Which chicken breast recipe are you most excited about making?

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Still trying to figure out what to make for dinner?

Check out these other recipes. We’re sure that you’ll find something delicious!

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